Review: Beautiful With You by Jen Andrews

05afb8_8b53a86669d748f3bf3dc5697fd3a7d3~mv2Title: Beautiful With You

Author: Jen Andrews

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publication Year: 2015

Got the Book By: Arc was given for an Honest Review

 Rating: 4 Stars


This is the third and final book for characters Zoey and Andy.

For Zoey James, life hadn’t always been easy. Until she met Andy Tate. Things changed the second she met him, and she finally had a reason for breaking down the walls she had built around herself.

The beginning of her relationship with Andy was rocky at best, but eventually they built a life together. A beautiful life.

The day Andy proposed to Zoey, she said yes.

That same night, Andy was completely blindsided by news from his past. He had lost yet another person to death. A person he didn’t even know existed.

Devastated by the news, Andy made a rash decision and moved home to New Zealand. Without Zoey.

But now, Zoey is given news that will change both of their lives forever. Instead of Zoey building the walls back up around her, she makes a choice to fight.

She is fighting for her happiness, fighting for Andy, and most of all, she is fighting for the life that they have created together.

 And she has no intention of losing


I absolutely love this book. Beautiful with you is the end of both Zoey and Andy’s love story. This book is amazing as it continues where the second one ended. After Andy left Zoey and went to New Zealand. I love many parts of the book and even though I liked Andy in both of the books before in this he was making so many decisions that made me want to punch him specially in the beginning of the story. As Zoey said  to him he was totally a coward in many of his actions and that made me like him less than before. On the other hand I really enjoy Zoey more than the other two books. Zoey become stronger and  I totally loved the fact that she was willing to fight for what she wanted and she seemed like the man in this relationship. GO GIRL POWER.

As the story goes on we learned more about Andy’s past and the author at some point made me understand a little more about his actions in the beginning. The problems in Andy’s past are solved and every situation that was left hanging in the past books are solved in this one since is the last of their story.

Overall the series was fantastic and really captivated me from the begging and made me want to read more and more every time. I also loved many of the secondary characters especially Zoey’s brothers which are so caring and family centered well except for Jeremy which is a playboy and as I know the author wrote a spin off of the series that will tell his story. The series is well written and I totally recommend you to read it if you enjoy a great romance story.


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