Review: Dance with the Billionaire by Charlotte Eve

05afb8_b494fb420c754383a19a6a6cb979771d~mv2Title: Dance with the Billionaire

Author: Charlotte Eve

Genre:  Romance Erotica

Publication Year: 2015

Got the Book By: Bought
Rating: 3 Stars



I didn’t want a man in my life. I thought love was for losers, and all I needed to be happy were my friends and my dancing. But then, one Friday night, a gorgeous arrogant playboy called Dylan Campbell came crashing into my life and changed everything.

At first I hated him. I thought he was a spoiled, entitled asshole. And he was – at least at first. But then he turned out to be so much more than that, too. Because he taught me who I really was – awakening desires inside me that I didn’t even know existed.

He taught me about love and life, and maybe I taught him a few things, too. And now everything has changed. Because now he owns me completely …

From the author of the Taming Blake trilogy comes this brand new standalone novel about an aspiring dancer and the playboy billionaire who captures her heart. Due to a number of SMOKING HOT scenes of an adult nature, this novel is only suitable for those aged eighteen and older …


The book is about Julia Tate a young woman in her early twenties that loves to dance. Her dream is to enter at the best dance school but she doesn’t have the money to pay it. One night she has the chance to sell her panties for a thousand dollars to the millionaire Dylan Campbell, but like who sells that? Well maybe some one those but Julia declines the offer.

After losing her chance to win a scholarship to enter dance school, the only option she sees to get money is contacting Dylan. The billionaire offers her a great deal, which include many advantages that doesn’t involve any type of love, which is great because she isn’t looking for love.

The book is great because is fast paced and well written. Most of the story contains a cocky and insensible Dylan Campbell. As the story is goes on it chances. There are some things missing in the plot in my opinion, but as i said before is very fast paced

I recommend this book because is easy to read, is really sexy and totally a HEA.


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