Review: Love Always by Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel

05afb8_d55a4e6ac87348618eab852e72204ba2~mv2Title: Love Always,

Author: Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publication Year: 2015

Got the Book By: Arc was given for an Honest Review

Rating: 5 Stars


I’ve met boys like him before. Rich. Bored. Always wearing a silver-spooned smile. But there is something different about him that piques my curiosity. The way he looks at me, like he is staring through the bars of a gilded cage he’s never left. Like he is one breath away from suffocating beneath a mound of responsibilities. He is different from the rest because he doesn’t wear his money… his money wears him. I just don’t think he knows it yet.

She’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She’s everything I’ve never been able to be. Carefree. Whimsical. A dreamer. Her laugh is infectious. She is irresistible. I can’t help but be drawn to her with an intensity that steals my breath and muddles my senses. I want to know her, need to know her, but how can I allow myself that liberty when I don’t have the freedom to make my own choices?

Phillip and Maggie think they have it all. Even though they come from opposite backgrounds, they each have bright futures paved out, with no distractions holding them back.

Until the fateful day they meet each other. 

After a brief, adventurous time together in The Hamptons, Maggie and Phillip find themselves saying goodbye just as the spark of love flashes intensely between them. Can their budding connection be enough to survive the pulling tides of change, or will they drift apart before they even have a chance to explore what could have been?


Phillip life was determined to be perfect. His mother had always plan a schedule for every day and everything in his life. He didn’t make the choices he wanted until he meets Maggie. She is the opposite of Phillip. She is adventurous and a free spirit girl. They also came from different world, different status. While he was the son of a rich couple and soon to be the runner up CEO of his dad belongings, Maggie was a worker at one of Phillip’s resort and the daughter of a fisherman. 

“You and I, we’re like fire and ice. We can coexist, bit we can never mingle together. Its self-destructive, Implosive or whatever.”

 Even though they now they only have the until the end of summer to spend some time together, they can’t stay away from each other.

“She consumed me. My thoughts. My days. My everything. She made me want things I couldn’t have. But wanted them anyway. And I wanted them with a blinding passion that crept into the shadows of my everyday life.

She pushed me, but not in the same way as my mother. Not at all, because she only wanted me to accept who I really was. What I really wanted.

What do I really want?

I wanted her, and I couldn’t have her. And realizing that was my breaking point.”

As the story continues and they go back to their life Phillip has to fight against his mother, his fiancee Sophia (determined by his mother) and the world for what he really wants.

I really enjoy every part of the book. I liked the part where Maggie and Phillip are apart but they write each other letters to keep in touch. Phillip is such a nice guy. He is very lovely and caring. I also enjoy Maggie because she has a fierce attitude but also has a heart. She have suffer with many events in her life but she is determined to get the best of everything.

The story is well written and it show us the point of view of both of the main characters. The emotions and feelings that this book show are great and will make you love the book even more. It is a very heart warming story. Since I started to read I couldn’t put it down. It was a great read. You must definitely read it too.


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