Review: Life After Love by Krystal White

05afb8_dc8a7babc3344630926894564a61998b~mv2Title: Life After Love

Author: Krystal White

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Year: 2015

Got the Book By: Arc was given for an honest review.

Rating: 4 Stars




Marcus and Anabella started a whirlwind romance from the moment they met. Realizing how unique and special their connection was, Marcus wasted no time in proposing to Anabella ensuring she’d be his forever. But are things ever as simple?


Not everything in life is a path of roses and in this second book if the series the author delivers to us a more realistic book about love and fighting. After Marcus proposed to Anabella they believed that they will have a happy ever after. But as problem faces them they break apart because is the only way to save Marcus family. Even though their feeling for each other doesn’t change the path to get them together will be difficult.

“Anabella, I will love you for as long as I live. However, if you can’t wait or won’t wait for me then I understand. It will absolutely kill me if you gave up and moved on with someone else. But I can’t ask you to stay by yourself and wait for me. Especially when I wouldn’t know how long it would take me”

In this book you will have a better perspective of both character as they have grown up and become more mature. There are also new character added to the story that you will make you love some of them and really hate other as well. Although the story is not as romantic as the first one, this will break your heart in some parts. This one includes more emotions and better way to see things.

I really enjoy reading this novella. As the first one is well written and because it is a novella the story is fast paced but it contains more details than the first book. You need to read the first book to understand the second and because of the cliffhanger where this second book is left, it is for sure to expect a third one. I just hope that the author impress us as well with this two.


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