Review: Running Away by Jen Andrews

05afb8_b139bd7259ab4e28a1376577cdab45f6~mv2Title: Running Away

Author: Jen Andrews

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publication Year: 2015

Got the Book By: Arc was given for an Honest Review

Rating: 5 Stars



Nearing age thirty, Jeremy James is cruising along in life, doing as he pleases. No girlfriend, no wife, no drama. Women go as easily as they come, but inside, he feels something’s missing. After the birth of his niece, Hannah, and a not so gentle nudge from his sister, Zoey, Jeremy decides to make a change in his life and settle down.

Then he meets Teagan Donnelly.

And she wants nothing to do with him.

Teagan has recently come out of a three year relationship with a man who cheated, shamed her, and berated her for her weight and life choices. The once secure yet spirited woman cannot figure out what Jeremy wants with her.

For Jeremy, it’s plain and simple. He wants Teagan to stop running away and give him a chance. But for Teagan, taking a chance with Jeremy means she could lose herself all over again.


Everyone knew that  Jeremy was the playboy of the James family. He is the only one in his family that is not married or doesn’t has a stable relationship. He started to get serious when Zoey, his sister, started talking to him and he also also change his way of seeing life because of his niece. Teagan on the other hand goes to Sacramento after she is running away from her cheating boyfriend.

When Jeremy and Teagan meet they feel a connection and a spark they cant forget. After they both started developing feeling for each other, Jeremy is ready to tell the world that he has found true love but Teagan on the hand is afraid to be vulnerable again. She is running away from everything to keep her heart safe but Jeremy is determined not to let her go.

Jeremy and Teagan make a great couple. Although the book may seem cliche because a playboy turns into a good guy I liked the fact that he didn’t needed Teagan to chance his ways. He was determined to get serious and start from scratched from his past before the heroine appear. He changed his ways when his niece arrived and that is totally sweet.

I loved this book, it was my favorite of the series. In the previous books Andy captivated my heart from the beginning but Jeremy definitely stole it. Jen Andrews again made me love the characters since the beginning. The story is  well written and  it flows really good. I loved the character of Jeremy since the other books because he always cared and treated his sister the right way (the other ones too but he was mentioned to do more special things). This is a spinoff novel and even though the characters are connected to the previous books this one in particular can be read as a standalone. This is story also contains more information about Andy, Zoey and their little girl future. I recommend it as a to be read novel.


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