Review: Broken Pieces by Allie Able

29452359Title: Broken Pieces

Author: Allie Able

Genre:  Romance

Publication Year: 2016

Got the Book By: ARC for an honest review

Rating: 4 Stars



Zack: I made a promise to myself the day I met Lexie Sinclaire—a promise that I would protect her. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with my best friend. For eighteen years I have kept my feelings for her a secret, always waiting for the right time to tell her. So, when that time finally comes, the unthinkable happens and I find myself doubting if she is the one who can mend my broken pieces.

Lexie: I never realized Zack’s true feelings for me. I should have seen them all along, but I didn’t and now it may be too late. My strong best friend is crumbling, barely holding on. I’m scared that his broken pieces are too fractured and I’m not sure if I’m capable of holding them together.

** This book can be read as a standalone.



Another great book coming form Allie Able, now that I have read all her books so far I can surely say that I love the way she writes and this book is no exception.

This book delivers the story of Zack and Lexie, they know each other since they were ten and have been best friends since then.

I loved Zack, he is now my favorite hero from the series, he is really a great man. I loved the way he treats Lexie and he is caring, sexy and has a billion dollar heart. The way he treats his mom and Lexie is really sweet. I also liked that he didn’t acted like an asshole but still has a dirty mouth (Nice guy in the day and dirty in the bed).

Lexie is feisty and sometimes very stubborn but a very strong woman. She has suffered a lot in relationship but she always returns to Zack. She always saw Zack as her best friend and her safe place.

As their relationship develops you can fall in love more and more with this characters. You can also enjoy small parts of the evolution of the previous couple in the series.

Apart from the love story the author also gave us the emotional part that breaks part of your heart but at the same time makes this book a great read, some of the bad parts in the plot will make you remember this book in a long time, totally book hangover after this.

Although this book is number three in the Cape Isle Series, it can be read as a standalone.


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