About the Blog

Eunice´s Book Corner was born in 2015. It started with the idea to express what I thought about books and everything book related. I also started to study Journalism at University and we where assigned to make a blog as a career projects. So with this two things in my mind, I decided to start the blog, to share my opinions about books and connect with other persons that share my passion too. After a lot of work and changing platforms a lot, I think I will stick with this one.

My goal is to make at least one person like a book because of my recommendation.  I hope you all enjoy my weekly post and give your opinion.


 About Me

“Do more of what makes you happy”

 My name is Eunice, I come from a small country in Central America called Honduras but now I am living in Spain. I am a college student with a major in Journalism and a minor in audiovisual communication. I love books, travel, films and fashion. When im not reading, you could find me on my computer looking for photos that inspired me or with my family.  My most important goal in life is to be happy and enjoy life with its up and downs.

Facts about Me

  • I am a romance and HEA addict.

  • When i was a little girl, I really hate reading. When my mom send me to read it felt like a torture (thanks mom)  What i didn’t know is the changes of life and know I am a book addict.

  • My Favorite city in the world is NEW YORK CITY
  • My favorites movie are HOME ALONE 1 & 2, MADE OF HONOR
  • I really enjoy planning, creating, filming and editing videos.
  • I love watching football (soccer) and many other sports. I just hoped i could be a little more athletic.

  • Photography is one of my hobbies. I just enjoy the great gift of nature. Totally a Pinterest, Tumblr and We Heart It ADDICT.

If you want to get to know me better you can just comment below.